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    GPS Trackers Australia – Real-time GPS Tracking

    Real-time GPS tracking for company cars, buses, trucks, machinery and for personnel safety. Top quality product & service, successfully proven and well-established in Germany, the UK, France, EU countries and now Australia.

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    GPS Tracking Solutions For Business Vehicles

    Adding extra work modules to the standard GPS tracking features such as temperature control, door sensors, ignition switch, driver ID and many more....

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    GPS Trackers – Vehicle Fleet Management

    Real-time GPS fleet management solution: high-quality map display, precise & reliable GPS data with printable history reports.

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    3G GPS SOS Alarm & Security Monitoring

    Protect your field personnel, outreach workers, homecare staff and children with this portable handheld 3G GPS tracking device with SOS alarm button and 24/7 security monitoring.

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    GPS Portable Tracking Devices

    Our portable GPS trackers can send GPS co-ordinates to your preferred contacts with the push of a button this way you will never be lost - no matter where you are!


GPS Vehicle Trackers

GPS fleet management,  GPS bus, car, machinery and asset tracking – our GPS tracking devices offer standard tracking real-time and live display and monitoring on high-end digital maps, with reporting of history, kilometers, speed, email alert, work time and other user options…

Portable GPS Devices

GPS SOS duress alarm & ‘man down’ function with handheld personal GPS tracker unit. Back-to-base monitoring by security company with optional 24/7 coverage. Alarm will prompt security company to alert police, ambulance or emergency services…

Satellite GPS Tracking

GPS tracking solutions for business vehicles and private assets, including pure GPS satellite systems, data modules monitoring temperature control, door sensors, ignition switch, driver ID, text messaging, navigation trip planner and more…


GPS Coverage Australia

GPS Trackers Australia give you optimized GPS tracking Australia wide!

You may be asking yourself the question whether to go G3/G4 or whether to go for an outright satellite GPS solution?

We have an interesting article on this topic. We hope this helps to facilitate your decision which technology is most suited to your requirements.

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NEW – 3G 4G  GPS Tracker

The M33 features a new 3G 4G module which allows the GPS tracker to receive and transmit data in the 3G 4G and GPRS network areas. This means it has a distinctive edge over those tracking units which relied solely on a GPRS network. This new 3G 4G GPS tracker can now track and send live data from a 3G 4G and GPRS network areas.

GPS Personal Tracker TT200 | personal handheld GPS tracker with SOS alarm feature

This personal handheld GPS tracker with SOS alarm feature includes all necessary and advanced features that support reliable GPS tracking with the added benefit of an SOS alarm button. The personal handheld GPS tracker and SOS alarm unit is only very small and can be easily carried in a bag, a small pouch or pocket, in the car – it simply goes wherever you go!

personal gps alarm, gps portable tracker + SOS alarm function, sos alarm with back to base security monitoring

Due to its NEW 3G module, this powerful personal handheld GPS tracking and alarming unit is future proof.
New technology can gives peace of mind to field workers dealing and interacting with the community.

The new TT200 personnel safety GPS tracker with SOS alarm feature gives added security and workplace safety. These measures include security monitoring around the clock with the stipulated and required protocol that was agreed upon when programming the safety GPS personal alarm!

The TT300 SOS emergency alarm is a 3G wall-mounted device with portable SOS emergency button can also be triggered with help of a portable SOS panic button which the users can carries on themselves, either on a velcro wristband or a neck lanyard.

Contrary to the mobile phone, this unit will have not have any battery issues as it gets supplied with fixed power whilst operating with the 3G GSM mobile telephone technology.

GPS Satellite Trackers

The GPS Iridium Extreme SAT Phone only communicates with satellites, and does NOT depend on a GSM phone network. This compact and rugged satellite phone has in-built GPS and can send your location by SMS. The integrated SOS alarm emergency button allows for Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) compliant SOS handling of emergency events for your staff and field personnel.

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