GPS Products & Services

Our products and services cover professional GPS vehicle and GPS person locator solutions.

GPS Tracking Services

We sell 3G GPS trackers for private vehicles and assets, 3G GPS units for the management of company fleet cars, trucks and buses.  We also supply portable personal 3G GPS alarm devices. All of our 3G GPS trackers are high quality products with top end tracking features. The 3G GPS tracking devices carry TELSTRA data SIM cards and correspond directly with hi-tech servers. When you obtain our products you get access to a web log-in as well as software for object location, tracking and reporting. Software enables you to access more detailed information and printable history reports.

  • Web login for PC/laptop
  • Software for PC/laptop
  • GPS tracking access to GPS APP via your smartphone
  • Printable reports and history
  • Competitive monthly access fees/unit/month
  • No contractual service obligations
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GPS data SIM cards are essential for GPS tracking services to work. They are not your ordinary data SIM cards as you find them in your mobile phone devices. These GPS Data SIM cards are data transmitters only and receive and transmit GPS data.

We use and recommend TELSTRA data SIM for optimal coverage.

GPS Servers

High end technology server machines are required for communication between the GPS tracking device, the GPS satellites, 3G 4G and GSM phone networks and your PC, laptop or smartphone. It is the communication of these devices that enable GPS tracking services and allow you to receive access via web or software to vehicle or person location.

We allow GPS data storage between two and four months in order to keep our machines running at an optimal speed and transfer rate. Backups of all GPS data is recommended. Data and maintenance of service comes at a monthly charge for every unit.

Why us?

GPS Data SIM cards and web server machines incur costs for sending, transmitting and storage of GPS data as well as for high maintenance and upgrades of those machines.  Our service rates are competitive flat rates and have hardly fluctuated over the past years.

We do not oblige you to enter into a service contract – all we are interested in is to supply you with quality products and best GPS tracking services for the time required.

The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.

Bill Gates, Microsoft

GPS Tracking Devices

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