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GPS trackers speeding alerts and reporting

Our system can provide speeding alerts and reporting. These are system generated alerts which can be enabled on request. The speeding report would be an agreed parameter where say a driver speeds over 100 km/h for instance, an email will be sent to alert the operations room. The system can indeed send email or SMS alerts. GPS trackers speeding alerts and reporting, email speeding alerts, download|archiving of your data filesWe offer email speeding alerts to keep costs low. In Australia each SMS costs 25c. In order that we can keep your monthly recurring costs low, we have decided for email speeding alerts.
It is worth mentioning here that if the driver is speeding say 70 km/h in a 60 km/h zone, there will be no speeding alert. The speeding alert is the agreed value for example 100 km/h which is the highest value some vehicles are allowed to drive anyhow.

We also have a speeding report feature that can be viewed or printed. Collected in this speeding report are all speeds in every location. This information is stored on our servers for 2 or 4 months depending on which server. Beyond that, users need to download the data and archive it. The download and archive can be in pdf, xls or word files.

Regular download|archiving of your data files is good common practice. It is easy to do and safeguards you against loss of data!