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4G GPS Trackers APP Now Available

Convenient and fast-loading smartphone GPS APP iPhone + Android for GPS Trackers Australia for both iPhone iOS platform and Android platform
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GPS trackers speeding alerts and reporting

Our system can provide speeding alerts and reporting. These are system generated alerts which can be enabled on request. The speeding report would be an agreed parameter where say a driver speeds over 100 km/h for instance, an email will be sent to alert the operations room. The system can indeed send email or SMS alerts.
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Pure satellite trackers versus GSM GPS trackers using phone towers – Pros and Cons

There is much confusion around which technology delivers best value for money for a business owner. Depending on what is expected from the system, here are some points to work with and to help you make an informed decision. Pure satellite trackers: These are systems that talk directly to satellites and don’t require phone towers at all. This sounds like a perfect system that everyone wants to have. Why limit yourself to phone towers and a telecom network coverage—right?
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2G – GSM network service will stop from December 2016

Like it or hate it. Progress is unstoppable. Like the disconnection from analogue to digital. The telecom companies need to free up their phone towers for new faster speed technologies. The only way to do this is to move the technology forward to 3G and 4G. Telstra and other leading telecom companies around the world such as AT&T etc., are planning to disconnect disconnect their GSM / 2G network this year. For Australia Telstra will disconnect their GSM / 2G network on 1st Dec 2016. Optus will disconnect their GSM / 2G network a few months after that. Vodafone will also move soon.
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Worried about the changes to the 2G network?


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3G 4G GPS Tracker – New 3G 4G Module Increases Live Data Coverage Australia Wide

The M33 features a new 3G 4G module which allows the 3G 4G GPS tracker to receive and transmit data in the 3G 4G and GPRS network areas. This means it has a distinctive edge over those tracking units which relied solely on a GPRS network. GPS trackers that can only operate with a GPRS network (2G - 2.5G) would stop live tracking and turn into data loggers. This new 3G 4G GPS tracker can now track and send live data from a 3G 4G and GPRS network areas.
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GPS Tracking Solutions- GPS Tracker With Driver ID

For this solution we require a GPS tracker unit in combination with a driver ID key. The unit allows for correct logging of drivers
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GPS SOS Alarm – Portable GPS tracker

This portable GPS tracker features a large and visible SOS button that, when pressed triggers the GPS SOS alarm. The button is protected and grooved to avoid accidental pressing of the GPS security alarm button. Once the alarm is pressed, a 24/7 security monitoring centre is alarmed and depending on the situation, will inform authorities like police, ambulance or a security guard. Calls to 000 usually require identification and verification (who is calling, what is your location, nearest crossroad, etc)as these services get inundated with calls or often receive prank calls. Also, 'triple O service' (OOO) can only be contacted by phone. Some critical situations do not allow for a phone call.
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GPS Fleet Management – Navigation GARMIN, GPS Tracker

This GPS Tracker solution is an excellent way to be able to have a two-way communication with the vehicle driver. You can send text messages directly to the navigation GARMIN device via GPRS (note: free communication and no cost for SMS text messaging) and your driver can reply to the instructions/messages.
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Mobile GPS Asset Tracker In Protective Strong Magnetic Case

This solution features a mobile GPS asset tracker for your asset hidden in a water & dust resilient PVC magnetic case
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