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Are you looking for GPS trackers? Maybe you need a fleet tracker or gps solutions for your machinery? You may also be looking for GPS solutions that offer personal safety such as GPS alarm and security monitoring for field personnel? Which product suits best? What is included in the service component?

GPS Trackers Australia supply GPS trackers and GPS tracking solutions for cars, buses, fleet management, and personal handheld GPS trackers with SOS alarm and security monitoring. 3G 4G GPS trackers data module for live coverage and reporting – you may have questions to determine which of the systems suit you best. Following we have compiled a number of questions which may help with your enquiry. For more detailed information or if you want to discuss GPS tracking solutions for your company just call or email us!

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Do you have a GPS tracking APP?

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APP for iPhone iOS and Android

YES!! We can now offer a fully fledged GPS tracking APP for Smartphones – for both iPhone/iOS platform and Google Android platforms.

If you wish to purchase yourself an APP license, purchase it through our shop via PayPal or bank EFT, email us or simply call us and we’ll take the details.

Can you tell us about product shipping?

We deliver with an express overnight bag. Most capital cities are next day delivery. Country areas may take 2-3 days.

Is there a discount if we purchase more units?

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Yes, we offer discounts for purchases greater then one unit. As an example 5 units provide 10% ,10 unit 15% discount etc.

What about if the units go out of range of TELSTRA network?

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Units are equipped with on-board flash memory. So if a unit can not send back data because there’s no network, it will keep recording and wait until there is network again. You will get complete reporting at the end of the day with no missing data. Note: Check out the M33 GPS tracker: It covers most of Australian territory. Wherever you find 3G or 4G TELSTRA coverage for mobiles, this is where this GPS tracker works.

The $19 per unit per month ongoing service. What does it cover?

We provide for a Telstra sim card, data , web page and software. All included in the $19

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Can we install the product ourselves?

Yes, the product comes programmed ready to go . As soon as it gets power it will come to the web page and start tracking. We  offer mobile auto electricians for $150 per unit for most major cities in Australia. However you can install the unit yourself ( install instructions come with merchandise) or have it installed by your trusted auto electrician.

What is the best location to install the units?

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We recommend that the whole unit with antennas is installed under the dashboard or plastic cover and out of sight (note: some of the units have 2 x antennae – both need to be connected). This way the equipment will not be tampered with and can perform at it’s best.

Can I see all units on one page?

GPS trackers speeding alerts and reporting, email speeding alerts, download|archiving of your data files

Yes, you will be able to track all units on a single page be it from the web (also visible on your smartphone) or via the supplied software.

Do your GPS trackers work on both 12V and 24 V?

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Yes, it works on both 12 and 24 volts and does not require any adapter.

How long do you keep the GPS data on your servers?

You have the choice between 2 months and 6 months. After this period data gets removed. The best way to avoid data loss is to do regular backups on your own systems, say monthly in excel format or pdf format. This ensures you have all reporting available when needed. Contact us if you are unsure of how to do that.

Do you customize to special requirements?

GPS trackers speeding alerts and reporting, email speeding alerts, download|archiving of your data files

We have a strong engineering team. We would offer you a development quote and in general after a few weeks the development would be completed.

Do you require contracts for services rendered for the GPS units?

The recurring charges for the GPS units will be billed monthly but we will not oblige your contractually. If you require to disconnect the service this is not a problem. You may reconnect at any time again against a small fee: We send you another SIM card once you want to reactivate the service.

Do your units allow for geo-fencing?

Yes, we have auto geo-fencing so when the unit stops it automatically puts a perimeter around itself .There’s no need to waste time with the setup of manual geo-fences.

Do your units consume a lot of power seeing they are connected to a permanent power source?

We can activate a deep sleep mode so when there’s no activity the unit will fall asleep and hardly use any more 5mA. Once there’s motion or ignition is on , it will become awake and start to track.

Do your GPS trackers offer information like alerts for harsh breaking , accelerating and misuse of the vehicle?

Yes, the system has what we call Green driving parameters which when activated will show misuse of vehicle through harsh accelerating or braking etc.

We want to keep driver logs, does your system offer driver identification with your gsp tracking devices?

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Yes, via the iWire technology the system can be used to identify drivers. There’s a digital Dallas key that works with the readers to identify which driver was driving when.

Can your GPS trackers tell machine hours and service required?

Yes, the system will display, print and alert via email for work hours and service requirement.

What kind of reports can I have access to with your GPS trackers?

You get a graphical display and printable reports for – trip stops, work hours, distance travelled, routes taken, ignition on/off, speeding, history from one day, week or month, email alerts for service requirement, duress alarm alerts and many more features.

What about the SIM card and the install of the GPS unit?

We provide the product with a TELSTRA SIM card and it’s internet ready. Once the product is powered it will go live. We supply install instructions so you may use your own installer. We also provide recommended installers. Install is an optional service which you may purchase with the product.

What about tracking my units on a smartphone?

We provide software and a web page via which you can access information on your units. You can view the web page using the phone browser like the Safari on the iphone. We are in the process of developing an app for the iphone. We already have an app for Android phones. The app and licence key can be purchased against a small one-off fee. Call us today!


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