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Worried about the changes to the 2G network?


Tracking via web page or APP for iPhone + Android smartphones

This personal handheld GPS tracker is future proof when it comes to the major changes looming for the 2G network. It is fully adapted to the 3G/4G network and  includes all necessary and advanced features that support reliable GPS tracking with the added benefit of an SOS alarm button. This personnel safety GPS tracker multiple ways of prompting a response to the depressing of the GPS SOS alarm button feature: the SOS call goes to nominated mobile numbers which will be notified via SMS of the distress call. This SMS will contain the call for help and the location of the sender (GPS co-ordinates directly on a map). Up to five (5) different numbers can be programmed. Alternatively, the SOS call is directed to a 24/7 security monitoring company which will escalate the alarm as per agreement at setup.

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Portable GPS SOS Alarm

This small device 6.8 x 4.7 x 1.8 cm is lightweight and can easily slip into your pocket, bag, car console or can sit on your desk, following you home and wherever you go. It adds a level of security with its many features and gives you peace of mind where otherwise you would feel worried. There are various options how this gps tracking device with SOS alarm button can be utilized. Depending on the way it gets set up and programmed it

  • is able to send an SOS alarm button triggering SOS events to stipulated mobile phones or security center
  • allows for live tracking
  • access data via APP on your smartphone
  • features a compass mode to find the relative direction of the device
  • has geo-fencing capability which informs you if the asset/tracker moves out of bounds
  • is easy to personalize and easy to use
  • can play back history of event
  • make screenshots on your mobile to save data

To ensure your own personal safety, to ensure safety procedures for your field personnel working in remote areas, to safeguard outreach personnel who work in the Public Sector and for Community Services and to improve safety for your loved ones, be it children, teenagers or elderly family members please contact us to see how this device can help you!